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Happy Birthday

One year older and none the wiser


Veiny Vidi Vicci

Thanksgiving was a blasty blast

nuff said

more to be written later.

What I am thankful for.

I am thankful for the fun conversations i have every time our family gets together. i like that we can respect and listen to what others have to say and add to it. Luckily our family is all one political party so it does make things a tad easier.

but i LURV them very much.

Today I….

Itty Bitty hat

Itty Bitty hat

  • Started knitting a hat for Tony, Like the one above, same yarn but the colors look different.
  • Painted my strawberry bandsaw box.
  • Cut up one of the drawers upside down! and didnt notice, nothing has gone right this week.
  • Mixed up the paint for the peach box and proceeded to spill it all over my work bench
  • Cried over a cute birthday card Nickola had.
  • Painted many….many layers of milk paint.
  • Ate lunch.
  • Got spray adhesive on my hands and it wont come off!! UGH! atleast i know it works though
  • Almost got knocked over in the nasty wind on my way home

I am officially on break for thanksgiving! I am excited to cook

and my aunt totally left me a note on facebook which is really amusing.


If only cats could speak human.

If only cats could speak human.

In the grand scheme of things.

Since it’s so damn cold out,

It makes sense to work on the art of zen

I mean the art of procrastination.

Workin on the Zen

Workin on the Zen

Layers but not the tasty ones in cake.

Since it’s been oh about 25-30 degrees out lately it’s not how cool i look anymore it’s hmmm i think that shirt and this shirt and oh and this shirt will all work well together and i wont look to to bad or sweat profusely and once i get to school i can take a couple layers off and not look stupid there either.

so right now i have my uggs, two pairs of pants, two shirts, a vest, a jacket and my hat on…

warm enough? i think yes till i start my car and wait to many @#$@% minutes for it to warm up.