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So i had a dream i was driving this car (two door ford i think a realllll shit box) around look for a specific store, a 7-11 for one reason or another and i could only find one similar to it. So i finally gave up and ended up driving through a red light across this intersection into the parking lot getting out of the car and running into the convenience store. I dont remember what happened between going into the store and the guns coming out. But it wasnt your normal crowd of people. Mostly cowboys or gangsters.
Only to be stuck in a shoot out. But it was weird because it was like three groups of people shooting at a specific group and i eventually got caught in the cross fire because i had been the only one who hadnt been shot.
So they shot me in the leg twice but i remember part of my face bleeding. And yelling mother fucker. Somehow i still managed to walk out of the store and there was one cop standing outside by a car looking very confused

THEN moving on to part two.
I remember vaguely going to buy a horse with my mom and in this dream i usually have i avoid my old teacher but this time i confronted her and said hi and we ended up talking about which horse was best, I looked at a big draft horse, a small pain pony, one i looked at ended up being a weird dog, and we eventually settled on a nice tan horse who was fairly young but had some problems. Walking around the barn was really weird because you had to walk on these ledges to get from one side to the other behind the stages where they had the horses perform.
It kind of fades out from here.

also at another part i was walking around a city trying to find my way home with a dog.


The pup.

So Sheffeild came into our lives unexpectedly, we had just moved to a new town, a new house we had convinced mom to finally go to the pound to “look” at dogs and think about it. We came home with Sheffeild, the humane society had already named him and we couldnt really figure out a better name so it stuck. On the ride home we were determined to keep him in the back of the truck, two seconds after this he was in the back seat with us and not a minute after that he was up front with Mom, and thats were he stayed for many years. He was her date on new years, keeping her company during her lonely years of raising us alone. After a while we decided to get another dog, and after a while found Abbey who would become the queen bee and would rule the roost. Sheffeild a 110 pound dog being dominated by a 20 lb feisty pup was definitely funny.

Over the years we would go on many adventures, swimming at the lake with the dogs and having Sheff pull us around the water with his tail. Little things that added up quickly to fond memories and twice as many things that we just look back on and laugh that definitly were NOT funny at the time. Like the box of swiss miss packets that they ate, the countless pork tenderloins he ate off the counter, the tray of brownies he daintily ate without a boo from his stomach. He was a shark in the kitchen and i still worry that when i am home he will come around and slobber over everything. We would push everything into the center of the island and thats where things still stay months later.

We could never really figure out how old Sheffeild was but knew he was aging quickly as big dogs do.

Sadly we had to put him to sleep because he could no longer walk as his spine was degenerating quite quickly and he was no longer able to function. That drive home to see him and the drive to the vet were probably the longest and most painful ones that i care to remember. For a while i felt bad because i couldnt remember the day we put him to sleep but now that i think about it believe it was easter or the day after on a weekend.

My aunt is a psychic in so many definitions of the word, and she said she had a talk of sorts with Sheffeild’s soul and said that he was much happier where he was and was a lot sicker than we knew.

I like to think that i am a realist and not a huge believer in the unknown/religion/paranormal but hearing that helped imensely in knowing that he was really suffering and it was our selfish need to hold on to our pup that was the only reason he was still going.

I also think that he lived a lot longer for my mom’s sake. He kept her company and now that she has met a human to love his time was up.

Our big lug i mean love.

Our big lug i mean love.

To many things said.

wellll it’s vacation time and i have been doing nothing but sit around and be lazy, i have been working out a little bit here and there but thats just so boring! Besides it snowed out today, a good excuse not to do anything?
Season Three of the Sopranos came in the mail today!
Talked to my mother about a few things and it was not a pleasant conversation at all. I don’t know if i want to go home for the holidays anymore.

I am coming up with like a monthly meal menu and was wondering if i could find a place online to organize it all.
it’s one thing to organize and another to write down everything you need, see if you have it, go shopping spend a lot of money and knowing myself don’t cook anything on the list. Wonderful.

The bitch.

There is this one person in my shop who thinks she is the queen bee. That “thinks” she can say anything she wants because she knows everything. One of those really annoying know it alls who has an opinion about everything. You just want to tell this person to go to hell and mind their own business. But of course this never works with a know it all and you would have to deal with the consequences. So it’s best to just suck it up and yell at them in your head. or on your blog.



It’s going to be a long road that we are going to travel. Especially with this effing cold winter already. For some reason i keep thinking it’s colder than the rest when i know for a fact that this is a lie. There have been much colder winters. It snowed yesterday and i didn’t do anything important. I cooked a turkey (big bird), made some stuffing and there was one other thing…oh yeah gravy. Right now all i want to do is sleep and thinking about what i have to do when i get home is not looking fun.