Insane in the membrane

I have been having really realistic dreams. To the point where i feel like they happened. I remember them vividly.
here is one of them.
it started off where i was at my apartment and dad was there giving me something and let the cats out, leo came back in but oliver didnt and i chased him but he ran across the street so i went to my car but a big part had been stolen out of the engine, and a few other things had been stolen from inside the car including my laptop, but dad gave me a part from his car to fit mine and i went to go find oliver. When i did find him he had a big branch stuck in his stomach and i rushed to get his crate and put him in and drive him to the vet. On the way i noticed some laptops sitting on a fence in a parking lot (which the building looked a lot like the jr high school we lived near in nashua) and i went to talk to the security guard to see if one was mine and it was and i warned them i’d call the real police.
THEN i went to a job interview at some high tech company to do geeky computer things. The interview process is kind of vague now but i remember being asked where i was from and i said oh portland maine, and that i took a train to get there etc.I was also in my pj’s and said it only mattered if i was smart not to worry about looks
They hired me and at one point a fire alarm went off because someone jammed a paper shredder but i didnt leave the room because i was still working. when they came back it was more of a hospital setting and i was checking on some kid.


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