Pet Peeves

  • When someone says they will call later and don’t. How fucking hard is it to pick up the phone? Don’t say you are gonna call and then “forget to” It’s really annoying. Especially if i am waiting. I hate waiting. I also hate being on the phone. So waiting for someone to call is two things i don’t like. The waiting and the calling. So if you say you are going to do something FUCK man just do it.
  • People who “try” REALLY HARD to make plans. Haha i just have to laugh at that. The conversation goes as follows

me: hey wanna hang out thursday?

them: yeah i could try, we will see

me: okay i hear ya (Thursday rolls around, I have a feeling this person will ditch me but i keep saying naaaah they wouldn’t, but tell myself not to get upset otherwise)

them: hey i’m tired we probably won’t hang out

me: i see

them: I’m going out to drink with my friends instead.

What does this say to you? Do they think they get points for weakly “attempting” to make plans? So i’m just done with that. I’m not going to be asking to make plans. I’m my own person. I have interesting things to say. I have unique thoughts and ideas and memories. I am imperfect in many ways but I TRY really hard to fix them.

  • Flakey people. Those people who make plans with you and then flake out on the day of. Again if you say you are going to do something follow through. You understand the importance of finishing a business deal, why can’t you follow through in your personal life aswell?
  • People who make plans and can’t man up enough to cancel plans or be honest with you.
  • Liars.
  • Cats that run around the apartment at 4am
  • Immature people.
  • Companies that call your phone all the time. Bleepin telemarketers. I take joy in pressing the ignore button.
  • Getting your phone upgraded for free when you weren’t expecting it.

There is more but i will leave it for another day.

I had some very tasty sushi tonight. Can’t get better than that.

Yo Homiez. Like mah digz?

Yo Homiez, Don’t be steppin near mah house!


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