Have you seen my stapler?

So i have noticed a new category of people.

I will call them the flakylamejerkheads. They are people who i try to make plans with that cancel at the last minute. The person i have been trying to make plans with lately is especially flaky. They work all the time which i understand. They choose their friends over me (i can get that too wanting to hang out with friends over someone you dont know well*) and use the shittiest excuse as to why they are cancelling.

*How can you get to know someone if you don’t put any effort in? What is the point otherwise? Are you oblivious to the fact that it takes two people to make a relationship work? Some people just have this “slimy” feeling, where you can’t really get a grasp on what their true intentions are, and it usually procures a really panicky uncomfortable feeling. When i try and push that feeling away, or prove to myself that this person isnt how i feel like they are i ruin it. But it brings some sort of relief in knowing that my hunch was right and i found out how shitty someone is before i really invested any time in them.

That being said.

Is it normal to “try” and make plans with someone and then say you are “tired” and then still go out to the bars? But now i can’t be upset because nothing was set in stone. These kinds of plans irk me. (Oh i am going to pretend to make plans with you but really i am just kidding, and if you could come in this weekend to type up all the TPS reports that would be greeeaaatttt) Can someone please explain this logic to me? Am i just naive? People don’t know how to vocalize what they want. I am not a mind reader, i do not know what you want by the deafening silence from the lack of communication. I sent Timmy to go talk to you but Lassie just told me he fell down the well and now the message is lost type bullshit. Although no one intended for Timmy to fall down the well we all drop the ball from time to time. It’s a matter of trust, communicating and figuring people out. It doesn’t take long to see someones real intent. It’s not saying that this is true in all cases but to me someone who is truly interested wouldn’t cancel after making plans. Even plans that are not set in stone. If one is really going to make an effort than do so. Show someone you are interested, canceling all the time doesn’t really make a good impression.

I’m done making plans with said person. I have better things to do than wait around wondering if I’m going to have anything to do tonight. I would rather make plans with people who don’t ditch me last minute.

So adios person who is flaky and afraid of any sort of commitment.


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