I was driving a bmw, but something about th car felt weird and i had to adjust the seat for way too long. Once i got it figured out i tried to go find a supermarket. I could only find a local market that had some extreme prejudice against outsiders. So they were not very nice to me. I even looked for a hannaford in the telephone book while waiting in line at the check out. I eventually gave up and walked out to my car. They had attached some weird speed trapping device but it looked more like a jumper cable. So i took it off my car and threw it.
All i could think about was that they better not have scratched my mother freaking car.

second dream i was at this weird place with small homes. For like little kids. Play homes. My mom, aunt and uncle were there. Saying that they were going to build one. I looked around at each home and eventually went to one that was already built. It was small but it was for grown ups. I said i would build a house like this and was asked why to which i replied “because i am concerned about my carbon foot print” which was an acceptable answer because i wasnt questioned any further.

another dream i was at this compound type place where a bunch of people from school were. One of them was reformatting his computer and i said i don’t think it will work but they said it would and etc
there was some weird hierarchy of people and the food served at dinner was on my plates from my apartment. I told one of the people at the table that their behavior was not acceptable because she was acting like a little snot. Apparently you were not allowed to do this and people gave me dirty looks.

I woke up after this
SO weird.


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