Monthly Archives: March 2009

Weight of the world.

Didn’t go to class today. Lost four pounds so far.
HAVE to type up the last couple papers i owe. Can’t go to the next class empty handed.



the art of losing is not hard to master


I am one of those corny people that cries when watching sappy tv shows.

Caring is not contagious.

I haven’t been caring lately. I don’t care that i didn’t do the homework for Jeffery’s class. I don’t care about science, i don’t care about finishing projects for studio, I don’t WANT TO HAVE A JUNIOR REVIEW. I don’t want to do the reading for Jeffery’s class because i am so completely uninterested in it that it’s not funny. Every time i look at the books i shudder and dread having to read another page. It sounds melodramatic and selfish. I just have nothing to say! Yeah craft is nice, whatever i don’t care. I don’t care about laundry, i don’t care about moving out, i don’t care about finding a job. I know i need to exist in this world but for right now i am just happy being invisible like usual. I’m done fighting it. I don’t know what i want anymore. If school could just be over that would be amazing.

Listing Mania

So, I like writing lists. As of now i need to do a lot of stuff.

  • Find a place to store everything.
  • Pack everything.
  • Move with minimal amount of shit.

and as far as school goes.

  • Finish wall table.
  • Buy materials for free standing cabinet
  • Make said cabinet.
  • Type up three papers for Clancy.
  • Take science midterm and remember not to skip anymore classes due to being out late.
  • annnnd…what else… oh yeah FINALLY have transcripts sent over from class this summer.

also…find a job or someone who gives me money.

One ring.

Finally took off the ring i have been wearing. It’s time for a change. Might try and get a metals major to melt it for me.

no looking back.


Someone asked me today if i have ever had kids
it caught me off guard
i said “no”