Caring is not contagious.

I haven’t been caring lately. I don’t care that i didn’t do the homework for Jeffery’s class. I don’t care about science, i don’t care about finishing projects for studio, I don’t WANT TO HAVE A JUNIOR REVIEW. I don’t want to do the reading for Jeffery’s class because i am so completely uninterested in it that it’s not funny. Every time i look at the books i shudder and dread having to read another page. It sounds melodramatic and selfish. I just have nothing to say! Yeah craft is nice, whatever i don’t care. I don’t care about laundry, i don’t care about moving out, i don’t care about finding a job. I know i need to exist in this world but for right now i am just happy being invisible like usual. I’m done fighting it. I don’t know what i want anymore. If school could just be over that would be amazing.


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