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Happiness is fluid

One year and two months.
I am counting down the days already.



*Update- I would like to say that i have a gross misunderstanding of what prayer actually is and from reading someone else’s blog recently who instilled a lot of wisom on the thought i really felt like maybe i’d pray daily to myself and others no necessarily any god but just to reaffirm myself that i do not possess all the knoweldge and wisdom in the world and that i cannot myself answer all the questions and must rely upon others. So i ask daily for wisdom to not be a dumb ass, knowledge to know better and learn, the understanding and acceptance of myself and others and general happiness. That is all.

So i am not a religious person myself in any aspect at all. I have nothing to do with it and no ties that associate me with religion. When i have been reading some blogs i noticed that people say “pray for me” something or other is going on in their lives and somehow prayer is going to fix it. Lately this just seems to be annoying. It comes off as selfish, people demanding that they are prayed for. What good is anything if you demand it? I could be totally off base but i doubt it.

"The dog is praying for biscuits"

"The dog is praying for biscuits"

So to wrap it up people are still selfish and annoying and asking people to pray for you seems desperate.


So albeit i’ve only done the thirty day shred for four of the thirty days i am looking for something more to do at home. I am waiting till i get done with the semester to really take on running. I like the short amount of time that Jillians work out provides because i do have a short attention span, which seems to rule my life. If you can’t keep me entertained for atleast twenty minutes than you fail the work out dvd test. Duh.
I would like to work more on my legs and abs.
Any ideas would be appreciated.
It’s kind of a catch 22, i don’t want to be seen working out because i am fat and i can’t loose weight unless i work out. I really enjoy this 30 day shred, making a commitment. Five days tomorrow may not seem like much to the average joe but to me it’s longer than i stick to most things. If i can break my awful habit with this for 30 days than i am proving to myself that i can commit to anything. Voila! the vicious cycle is thus broken.

anyone have a roadbike they want to trade and or just give me? kthnxbai


Day four of Shredding complete!! It is going by a lot faster than i thought and has a good feeling of accomplishment. Its a good way to get my frustrations with humanity out. I still can’t take Jillian Michaels seriously but can’t bring myself to watch it on mute or i narrate it myself and thats just silly.

Also my Biffle is amazing.

American Idol

Is anyone sick of this show yet? I myself have yet to watch a whole episode, it makes me cringe, they are just milking this show for all it’s worth because they don’t want to invest in another

How America Figured out where global warming started.

How America Figured out where global warming started.

show. It’s a good thing i largely stay away from television but keep up to date on my Fav five which include Dexter, House, Lost, Deadliest Catch, The Logging show based in Maine, And any awesome show on the discovery channel.

What are your thought on American Idol? Time to put it to rest as the lamest show ever?

Day one KICKED my ass.

Yep. And i look forward to tomorrow.

I could be extreme and do another 20 mins today. without the weights i have since they are six pounds and too heavy for the first couple days. I think i will invest in smaller weights.

I say why not?

you wouldn’t

miss me.
when i am gone.