Current Obsessions.

Finding a job. I needs one like woah. But where? Doing what? For how long? Will i be going back to school in the fall? which leads to way to many questions and makes my brain hurt so i just go lay down. I have a fear of running cash registers, people make me nervous in the i don’t want to let you down so i’ll tell you whatever you want to hear way. I also speak my mind and say things i shouldnt to people, mostly in their favor because it all reverts back to not dissapointing people.

Clutter.-There’s too much of it, what to throw away? I need more garbage bags. Every designated get rid of shit day turns into how much longer can i get away with sleeping day.

Exercise.-How i feel guilty for just eatting today and not exercising, but i did paint the kitchen some more and crawled into this one lower cabinet to paint it and felt like a little kid. Wished i had a flashlight, and someone to play hide and go seek with.

Camera.– I would really like a new Cannon EOS, or another version of it. SLR camera. I am not the best but i would like a good quality camera… Swoon.

Blogging.-How to be a good blogger? Documenting life? and the everyday occurrences? How i keep trying to make it to Blockbuster and never quite make it because it’s ACROSS the bridge….so far…how will i ever make it. The Husky that now lives above me and i can hear digging at the BRAND NEW carpets the installed today, now those won’t fucking last long. I need to speak to the owner about it. I even offered to walk the dog for that extra ounce of energy it has.  But i am just not dog walking material i guess. I only walked three dogs at a time a few months ago. Two huskies and a lab, and lived to tell about it! I only had a huge lab mix and a small terrier mix for 11 years, it was kind of rude to be turned down. I completely understand but still… damnit your dog has too much energy and i want to get my dose of puppy luv.

In other news. My counter part will be back in…two weeks!! or i mean…one week six days!


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