Why I hate Rachel Ray.

Mostly it’s her teeth, that big toothy grin conveys fake meaningless emotion. I do feel a little guilty for not having watched her show for a while due to incessantly mocking her each time i watched the show. It started out as like the 40 dollar a day show where she would go and find affordable yet tasty eateries, only to have her take one bite and tip poorly. Eat whats on the god damn plate woman! If i have to watch someone on tv eat than actually eat the food, or maybe you suck at being on camera that you have taken 30 bites of food already and are full, so on the last take when you finally manage to get it right you are actually full. Is that the case? In other words i don’t like you much. People who try to be something they are not. Bloggers who try to write eloquently and it’s like watching a drunk man trying to try his shoes falling short of the goal and just making a knot, TV Hosts who traipse all over the stage like peacocks, People who get things they don’t deserve.

Gotta love those drunk people.


One response to “Why I hate Rachel Ray.

  1. chriseatstheworld

    Hey Homie!

    I like your blog!

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