I would just like to say.

Screw this whole posting pictures of myself for encouragement. My camera batteries are dead and i have no money to go buy new ones to have them die in a month. If we could just get on the ball with a new energy source for small technology that would be GREAT. Or if someone could just buy me an iphone, that would also be appropriate. Because we all you know get some super secret knowledge to conquer the world when you receive an iphone and super powers with your thumbs… touch my screen biatch! i’m an iphone and i’m awesome. Maybe i just need to let it go and realize i’ll never own one. JUST KIDDING. I’ll never actually let those words escape from my mouth. Moving on from the iphone is the harry potter equivalent of saying…Voldemort. AH!

ALSO. I haven’t been drinking lately, no money really to do so. The most prefered would be Shipyard export on draft since it’s local, or chamberlin. Or Allagash, or Geary’s HSA Mostly amber beers that are like a middle of the road easy to drink many and not too filling like the darker beers where i have one and wonder why there is a brick in my stomach. Making me reach for my trusty bottle of tums in vain since i have been half heartedly attempting to leave the supersized bottle of chewable calcium tablets at home. I get so excited, shuffle around in the black hole i call a purse only to be let down. But the empty calories and being even more hungry after drinking and while walking home buying a bag of honey mustard and onion pretzel pieces and eatting the whole bag in one sitting…says something to you. It was like a fat kid on cake. But i am the fat kid and i love cake.

In other news. My apartments oddly clean, well minus everything i shoved in my bedroom thinking my friend would lend me a steam cleaner but hasn’t yet.

Onward and upwards to make some cupcakes!! I have strawberries so i think they will be strawberry vanilla cupcakes.
Here is the link to…um freaking amazing cupcakes. Make them, visit this blog. http://gastronomyblog.com/2009/03/24/strawberry-cupcakes-with-strawberry-frosting/
I’m also cool and wearing about four shirts right now, three tank tops and a t shirt. Not many people can pull that off you know.


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