In Limbo.

I had decided to move, back to my grandmas house. Although she no longer lived there. I moved into the room we usually stayed in but it was much different, had its own bathroom (a weird premonition about death and the water heater exploding) had an ominous feel to it. Other people were renting out other rooms and when someone rang the door bell the downstairs looked exactly the same. A kid i know but couldnt quite place who he was lived in the downstairs room which appeared quite larger. There was this stubborn lady that lived there who was the building manager type person and she kept barging into my room and i kept shoving her out. I would stand with my whole body weight on the door and my hand on the lock and still she would barge right in. eventually it got to the point where i would physically push her out the door and and in sheer frustration i picked her up like a sack of potatoes and threw her, she fell down the stairs. I could hear her cry and feel the pain and sadness radiating from her. After this she defeat put the very old skeleton keys she was using to open my door in an envelope and slid them under my door. Chris showed up at one point also, he knocked on the door and said “i know you hate me and i’m still mad at you but hi, i just wanted to let you know someones out for revenge” He visited for a little while sitting on my bed next to me watching tv eventually he got up kissed me on the cheek and left. Then my brother and Will came over to stay, both of them were much younger than they are now and were sleeping at the foot of the bed. Both of them said they were cold so when i got a blanket from the shelf i kept grabbing the wrong thing. Eventually i got the right blanket and thats about the time i woke up.


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