I love plaid.

So i know these pretty cool people out in the…uh yeah middle of fucking no where. It’s so top secret i can’t tell you but no one knows where Colorado is anyways. Most of their time is spent being kept in Area 41, not to be confused with area 51.

Area 41 is dedicated to those who can hold their PBR cans with pride.

Because to be honest not many people can. It takes a real love for beer.

I look forward to spending time with these people in December.

The pasty ass white boy and the good looking girly who both have astronomical pairs of shoes, it makes my feet weep in jealousy. I spend more money on kitchen appliances and other weird things though so i think it would even out eventually? I still don’t have the kitchen aid stand mixer. Ahem.

In case you dont know what the great state of Colorado looks like see below.

Crazy people live here...it's the lack of ocean

Crazy people live here...it's the lack of ocean

But we know there is no fooling anyone and the best state of all…

207 represent.

207 represent.

Is obviously Maine. where you can buy hard alcohol in super markets and you can’t do fuck all on a sunday except shoot bears and moose. Since everyone lives in the boonies here and it takes 45 mins to get to the grocery store. We are efficient here and just keep everything in one place. Butt-fuck Walmart though, I wish we were more like Vermont in that respect. I won’t open that can of worms today. It’s a whole nother post.


One response to “I love plaid.

  1. Oh my little Claire-Bear. You’re so sweet. We can’t WAIT for you to come visit. You’re sleeping in bed with us.

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