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I failed my first day of eating raw. i decided a sammich would be much better, *AND OH EM GEE WHAT A MISTAKE!! i can already feel different. i had and have no digestive issues when i eat raw so what is stopping me from doing this all the time?! i need to find a way to make it filling so i dont feel like i am lacking.  eventually i figured this out and i definitely learned my lesson today. i would much rather FEEL better all the time.  than eat food that makes me happy for just a small amount of time. it will be tough, I’m done lying to myself, there’s no easy way around this. I’m not gonna complain anymore about being single and things not working out because I’m not changing myself to be better. I’m also tired of hearing about people who do nothing to change their habits and complain about it. They have the tools and resources and no commitment. I’m not going to push my ideals down people throats, but i’m not going to let other peoples opinions get the best of me.

i’ve had an apple, i’ve had a salad, i’ve had carrots, and for dinner i’ll eat raw

but lunch? don’t you dare take away lunch from me. also anyone have a juicer they want to let me borrow?

I’m also trying to figure out the next few months. I would like to go on an adventure, um and not go to school next semester but i know thats not a possibility and i have to be enrolled somewhere, anywhere thats accredited and be there part time.


May 17 2010

i’m really excited to be starting my raw diet, packed with energy and nutrients and all these healthy things. hah NOT but i guess thats not really the best idea to go in with a negative opinion of the diet. but i will feel better i will be eatting better and i will hopefully cure my “digestive” issues.

Starting Monday, it seems like a good day to start. Sunday i am going to start preparing all the food and use the dehydrator and juicer. It seems like an exciting journey to start and i have been reading books and all these other articles that have nothing but good things to say about eatting raw or “living” i will not exclude occasional sushi from this. I hope to impart this knowledge of healthy nutrient packed eatting to myself and my children and family.  i am by no means a huge hippie, i’m not doing this for the earth (sorry earth i love you but this is for me yo)

So thats all i have to say tomorrow i am binging on juuunk food and then detoxing and slowly introducing myself into a healthy diet because i do not get along with exercise.

I will be selling my canoe on ebay, you should go look at it and tell people to buy it. made with these two paws here. So i can buy stuff. you know important stuff.