It was a dark and stormy night and yet so quiet you could hear a mouse fart. But this was no ordinary mouse. He was a bully. His obsession for cheese plagued his mind and Lucius could think about nothing more than that perfected shaped wedge of camembert or round of gouda. On this dark and stormy night he happened to be scurrying through the empty streets. He wondered where all the humans had gone but not really thinking into the situation too much and focused on the task ahead. Some gruyere was said to be sitting on the dinning room table of a unsuspecting victim, the only real problem was the fact that it was so far away. The dark of the night did not scare him, the storm was just a storm. What irked him was the path he had to travel. It was the one less traveled by. A dangerous route for something you are passionate about.  Lucius packed his backpack and scampered out into the night. The ground was cold under his paws, but his need for cheese strong.


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