In which I inform you

of a  surprise! With awesome news! I’m procreating. The bun is in the oven, my oven to be precise, located in the chateau de uterus, just south of other important body parts but north of my cooter. It’s a warm and well to be completely honest…moist space. While the vacancy sign was not posted, the new tenant so blatantly ignored it and walked or..however it moves into it’s room for the next however long it’s going to be gestating inside…of..holy shit.. ME. It’s so unreal and unbelievable. I feel incredibly lucky that this has happened as i read too many infertility blogs to begin with so i am reminded of how fortunate i am despite the circumstances. Yet, if this had not worked out i am tired of people thinking that they have an opinion over everyone uterus-es since theirs are not working the way they should be. Oh did i mention i’m hormonal? and crabby and overly opinionated?

It’s a complicated situation and being in my “last” year of college. I’m slowly and surely getting more excited at first it was a lot of guilt, and fear, mostly fear. Or maybe it’s anxiety I’m not sure. Either way i am already scanning craigslist (which i fondly call craigslust, since it’s easy to lust after things and wait around for emails from people to tell you it’s sold already) and planning and making a registry. But mostly it’s all about trying to keep my proverbial shit together, things are so shaky

The coolest part is that Lauren and I are due on the same day, first it was May 17 and now it’s May 20, arbitrary just a few days off but STILL. She is on the other side of the YOU-NIGHTED-STATES. Cosmic.

I’m going to post about H1N1 later tonight. be ready. It will be epic.


3 responses to “In which I inform you

  1. YAY! We’re procreating together! it would be so fun if we could have our babies at the same time and stuff and be all dumb and gay about it. Sort of like I’m being now…

  2. Wow, I’m so slow. Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My daughter was boprn May 11. Awesome time of year.

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