i’ve already failed.

At this write every day thing. I guess i shouldn’t vow to do anything. Something about not having internet at your apartment will do that, and if i wasn’t so tired to walk home to go to bed. which you know is evil.  Someone should just drive me home. Which you know wooont happen. I’m too busy growing something (see below) to blog. Hah what a lame excuse. I’ll blog extra extra tomorrow, pinky promise.

This is why i am tired.

Uh I am making a person.


Baby Bear 12w1d

I am looking to move by the first of the month, to a nicer neighborhood mostly. I am really sad to have to part with my tall people countertops…oh boy the AMAZING amount of countertop space i have that is all mine. It’s a really hard thing to give up. And the cabinet space. The real looking kitchen as opposed to all the ones i’ve looked at that are frankenstein cabinets with a freakishly placed useless cabinet on a weird wall and tiny tiny postage stamp of a counter top. It honestly makes me want to cry. The ghost of Elvis also dispaproves.

Take your vitamins Mizz Dirty Hooker.


One response to “i’ve already failed.

  1. Ummmmmm, no. The more you bug me about it, the more I shall rebel! I’m so grown up, huh?

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