116. part two

I’ve been doing more research into play yards and looking at which ones are the most “stylish” i suppose. No frills, nothing that is over the top and huge. Again i won’t be investing in any Graco products. It’s just something i’m against. They are rather ugly and feel very plastic. The one i’ve fallen in love with that has gender neutral colors and is very functional is the chicco play yard. Their car seat has also gotten some of the best safety reviews. I would push aside whatever brand name i don’t like if it was the safest seat on the market. As i am not rich by any means i will have to hunt down most of these items as second hand items. Besides the car seat that i will not buy used from someone i do not know. It’s just a bugaboo i have. It’s a tough market for used things of this caliber. Chicco items probably go really quickly. So i check a few websites every day. Craigslist and Freepeats.

Chicco play yard

This is way more functional and a lot less obnoxious than…this…see below. Which looks like granny threw up on it. BLECH. And the cup holders are funny. Yep gonna stash my beer there while i change my kids diaper. Maybe for lotion i guess? It just looks over the top and ridiculous and HUGE to lug around. Gonna stick with the more simple looking play yard. k thanks.


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