I always come up with awe inspiring plans or silly things to dream about. But this one I want to stick. I want to move to Australia.

It’s a wonderful country, it’s beautiful. It has the best of both worlds, mountains, oceans…sigh! just beautiful. I would like to give it a try living there for a few years and if it works out stay as long as i can. Being away from family would be tough on the holidays.
First things first would be getting a passport for me and baby bear. *117 days by the way*
What part of australia? What kind of visa would i get? HOW would i support myself whilst i am there? Would baby bear have an australian accent? I’m one of those lame posers who picks up an accent quickly. Yeah don’t go there. I won’t.
I want baby bear to see the world. I haven’t even seen it and i think this would be a grand adventure. I have no idea where my life is going. Thats the beauty of it. You don’t have to know. Just rolling with the punches and making things work. I think i have learned that living with certain “ingrained” expectations that are set by society to go to school, become established, get married and only then procreate. I understand all these things. and why. But they are not for me. They are not things that i have obviously come to appreciate yet or need. Yes having a steady job and not working as hard in some cushy enviornment is a bonus, obviously. What’s your reasoning behind this Claire? Being able to support yourself and your child dumbass. The plan…oh yeah a plan! plans always work out PRECISELY like they should right? RIGHT? hah funny. Back to my point though. I will have a BFA by the time i move to Australia. I will have to work for every paycheck till i figure out what i am going to do. Oh yeah a job. YEeeeeep one of those. I havent worked in a while. I’ve been spoiled by 98,000$ dollars of debt! yeah so spoilt. Barely paying my bills, living in a crappy apartment and only doing the school thing.

So why not move to a small affordable shack  bungalow? why. not.

i’m ready for some big world livin, in the sun away from pine trees.


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