I know this is silly and arbitrary but i was really excited when someone from Bumbleride commented on a post i wrote about them. I probably don’t have enough money to buy their stroller and by some stroke of luck it might happen. Sometimes the gods smile on me. Most of the time it’s frowning. But i will take what i can get.

because angels sing when people use this.

It’s not necessary to keep posting pictures of this i know everyone gets the point. It’s pretty.

This will never happen in my lifetime since i am not popular or cool enough to actually receive and review such a gift. But if i also had a choice to spend exorbinate amounts of money i’d get a Uppababy Vista

UppaBaby Vista

Mostly because of it’s versatility and ability to add another seat. But i dont think i will be having any more children in the near future besides my baby bear and the fabric is not half as cool as the Bumbleride.

As far as bedding goes I like the simple vintage patterns for fabrics and a modern crib. Without breaking the bank. So picking something up from ikea would be the obvious choice but i remember their fabric being less than ideal. BUT spending 100$ on bedding? really? all the baby does it sleep in a bed. They don’t appreciate fine fabrics like we do. Not to mention the blow outs, puke and boogers that the fabric has to…put up with.

ikea crib

Just one idea for now.


One response to “118.

  1. I’m pretty sure I’m going to get blue sheets and make a piratey blanket. The rest of the shit is useless.

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