120. The extreme liberalist point of view on medicine.

Heard the heart beat again today!

I’ve been freaking out but it sounded like a nice strong perfect heart beat. I think the doctor was more relieved than I was as he sensed that I AM the type to freak the living fuck out, or usually just cry. Mostly it would’ve been crying. He was also really really awesome about answering all my questions about induction and how, it AINT gonna happen.  Yeah sure maybe something MEDICALLY (which if it’s necessary and i know that in some cases it IS and it really does save a childs life than i am 10000% for this HEALTHY babies and moms!!! ((also at the end of pregnancy as was mentioned it can be really hard for a mom to function so an induction makes sense)) might pop up but there is no way fake hormones are going to be introduced into my bod, it’s like a snowballing effect.

Pushing a woman’s body with pitocin and oxytocin cause really strong intense and painful contractions, i can say that i don’t need experience to know this. It’s a fact. It can labor unbearable. Many women ask for some kind of pain medication because of this. All these medicines in your body are more than likely going to cause fetal distress. Because of fear of malpractice and many other things doctors whisk you away into the operating room.  The medical community as a whole does not let your labor progress as it should, our bodies are all on different timers. Don’t rush em. I’ve been reading the book “Pushed” by Jennifer Block it kind of feels like one of those extremists books that is only pro this or against that so i do take a lot of what is said with a grain of salt. but the facts are disturbing, and just like we use facts to justify our means it’s hard to ignore them

Some people want to be induced which seems to be beyond me.(Alright well i kind of understand now, but i’m speaking more towards Moms that do not need to be induced, some do!) Let me get this straight you WANT really strong contractions? You WANT the possibility of fetal distress from the unusually strong contractions that will have you begging for an epidural? Which will most likely land you in a c section because doctors still don’t give your body enough time to do it’s thang?  Yeah i know you will ask where i know this from or how i know it seeing as i have not had a child myself YET, i have however been doing a lot of research and reading studies and birth stories. I don’t want to be one of those women chained to my bed by a fetal monitor that hospitals use more times than not to induce your or give you a c section mainly out of fear and convenience for themselves. “Albert D. Haverkamp, MD an obsterician who spent 4 years researching EFM (electronic fetal monitoring) at a large Denver hospital, testified before a senate subcommittee on Health in 1978 that the machine has become an ubiquitous in the absence of any randomized, controlled studies…Haverkamp also reported that much larger studies showed the EFM had no impact on infant mortality”Page 33

I am not going to be constrained by a 24 hour window of giving birth or i will be induced. Nope no thanks don’t think so. Something else i read that is disturbing, no matter how much we pay out our bums in health care costs we are still shooed out of the hospital and rushed. When you are not being sued for “malpractice” apparently birthing babies can be lucrative…if you set stringent rules and push epidurals. (which is not to say that some women choose this because it makes them comfortable, Please do what is right for yourself)  “In some places, physicians who wait for vaginal birth have actually been told they are a drain on too many resources” Doctors are being told to do c-sections. DISGUSTING.Page 66

Once again i will say that most books like these only demonstrate extreme facts and i will read books on other opinions not just one persons to form a more well rounded opinion. As of now though i want to go rogue and deliver my child out in the amazon in one of those super sweet tree huts. With an amazing view of the sunrise. Don’t ask why, just something that popped into my head.

Block, Jennifer  Pushed Cambridge Mass 2007

Next up on the docket…the other side to this controversy.

***-edit- Everyone is right and i really have noooo idea what i am in for but reading and researching makes me less anxious, i’ve only read this one book so far and plan to read others with less fiery reverence and blog about those too. I love to hear your opinions and stories even if you disagree with me!


5 responses to “120. The extreme liberalist point of view on medicine.

  1. You, of course, have a right to your opinion, especially with YOUR body and YOUR baby, but the one thing I can tell you about childbirth and motherhood and parenting and everything else that comes with it, is that NOTHING is how you think it will be.

    It’s an experience you can never wrap your brain around until you’ve lived it.

    At the end of pregnancy, after your childbirth (and I promise you, your birth plan will be useless, but I truly hope you get the birth you want) you get a beautiful baby. Whether you did it with an epidural or not. Whether you felt pain or not. Whether you got a C-section or not. Whether you tore or not.

    There is no medal.

    And I’ll tell you this: at 38 weeks when I couldn’t hold a pen because my hands were so swollen or walk because my hips hurt so bad, or put my daughter to bed, or sleep longer than 2 hours due to contractions or leg cramps, you’re damn right I was willing to be induced.

    I’m not meaning any of this to sound harsh and I still like and respect you!! 😉 I just want you to know that it’s different when you come out on the other side.

    You will be different.

    This, I promise.

  2. Oh and if it makes you feel any better, both times I was induced and both times I had smooth, vaginal births.

  3. haha no you are right and those are really good reasons to be induced! I’m glad you shared your story because when i was mentioning it to my doctor today he said some women ask to be induced because of the discomfort. I guess i meant women who are having no problems and are just impatient. Than it just seems silly. The ultimate goal is a healthy baby, and the birth plan says “come home with child, please let the jello taste good” Rolling with the punches!

  4. I agree with AndreAnna. I didn’t want an epidural, and I didn’t want induced. However, when I was 40 weeks and 4 cm dialated and my daughters head refused to come down, of course I was induced. And (sorry guys) labor lasted about 30 minutes after the meds kicked in and the contractions started.

    I’m seconding the fact that nothing ever goes as planned. After this is all said and done you will realize that no matter how many books you read there is nothing that really sums up the situation or honestly answers any questions. You just have to go with the flow.

  5. Oh, and as an aside: Pack your suitcase with old crappy pajamas and FOOD. Fill that fucker with FOOD. Because you WILL be hungry after and jello can suck a twat.

    And when people call to come visit and ask what you want, say FOOD.

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