Holidays are stressful.

I have been pretty bummed about peoples reactions to my choice to have a natural hypnobabies birth. While i agree that things do not always go as planned, and induced labor is a lot different from a natural labor. An actively managed labor where i’d be forced to stay in bed hooked up to an IV and monitor is not natural. It’s not a comfortable position or natural position to birth in. It’s just more convenient for the doctor.

it’s all just very frustrating. I’m a woman and I should have options. Does it feel that way? no.


2 responses to “128.

  1. You most definitely should have options. And fight for them. And for the birth you want.

    Just be safe so your baby can be safe. That’s the most important thing.

    The reason women don’t die in childbirth anymore is because of those beds and IVs.

  2. I definitely understand that modern technology is a great life saving thing. The first goal out of everything is safety. The sad thing is that this “modern” technology is actually hindering us in many ways. I guess the best way i can describe it is this Birth is chaos our body handles naturally, Hospitals don’t like chaos and are trying to control it.

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