I will call this the second draft of an earlier post, This more clearly states what i was trying to get across the first time. I would also like to say before hand that this is not an attack on women or their birth preferences or more so our lack of choices. This is just my thought process, how i sort things out and come to a conclusion. My thesis is this. Given the advances in modern medicine and society why is birth regressing into a hospital having total control over a woman’s body?

So, I started reading this book. I was browsing the library trying to find books to read so i could properly educate myself on the finer points of mother hood. As if i would somehow find them in the pages of a book. This book, the one below I found to be severely troubling. It’s a biased book swinging toward home birth and stating that most of the time the medical community is out to get you. Acknowledging that doctors look for ways to scare you into inducing your labor which only leads to a “cascade of interventions” and prolonged labor or c-section. Ranging from failure to progress to inducing to pain medication all leaves women bedridden, the most unnatural way to birth. All this is backed up with very factual information from reliable medical sources.  I wish this was a lie and that doctors don’t push to induce at their convenience and have nurses actively manage your labor but it’s a solid truth. It’s not about me choosing a preference or stating what i want to happen for my birth. I’m talking about whats actually happening everyday in hospitals across the country. I can only arm myself with knowledge and go from there. That’s the plan. A safe natural labor with no medical interventions is still just as safe. I’m aware of the word risk and the fear asociated with it. We cannot plan for things to happen but solely roll with the punches!

From Publishers Weekly

According to writer and editor Block (Our Bodies, Ourselves), “the United States has the most intense and widespread medical management of birth” in the world, and yet “ranks near the bottom among industrialized countries in maternal and infant mortality.” Block shows how, in transforming childbirth into a business, hospitals have turned “procedures and devices developed for the treatment of abnormality” into routine practice, performed for no reason than “speeding up and ordering an unpredictable…process”; for instance, the U.S. cesarean section rate tripled in the 1970s, and has doubled since then. Block looks into a growing contingent of parents-to-be exploring alternatives to the hospital-and the attendant likelihood of medical intervention-by seeking out birthing centers and options for home-birth. Unfortunately, obstacles to these alternatives remain considerable-laws across the U.S. criminalizing or severely restricting the practice of midwifery have led the trained care providers to practice underground in many states-while tort reform has done next to nothing to lower malpractice insurance rates or improve hospital birthing policies. This provocative, highly readable expose raises questions of great consequence for anyone planning to have a baby in U.S., as well as those interested or involved in women’s health care.
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