Sleep Schedules and Vacation 144.

I’ve stayed up till just about now the past two nights playing Assasin’s Creed II

I refused to celebrate New Years as i sat with Abby while she watched me as i ninjaed bad guys. She is obviously a peace keeping dog and leaves during the gory parts.

I always have trouble with new years resolutions and usually the resolution is not to have one. Not to put pressure on myself for something i will forget. But this year i am forging ahead with baby bear who i will officially meet in May and if i was to really define what my resolution would be, it would start with finishing this next semester (uh whaaat? i’m crazy) Taking the summer off to take care of baby bear. Finding a new place and community college to finish my credits for a BFA. So far the choice are staying in…..

  • Maine…HAHAHA no really don’t want to.
  • Colorado…seems like a good idea but it has it’s hang ups. Although the good is 75% and the bad is 25%. Namely how would i get out there? with Baby Bear, AND the cats? AND my stuff? I guess i could justify some moving cost if i am going to school there. But still why must moving be so SO expensive. And finding a place there? and touring the school? I learned my lesson with that a long time ago…ALWAYS go tour the campus even if it’s just for one class. But a flight costs 500$ and that would be my moving money. Fuck being broke. Buddy Passes? Anybody anybody? I’ll send you cookies and something cool?
  • California…Meh…it’s warm I can prepare myself for Australia weather.
  • Mystery location yet to reveal itself.

I don’t want to get stuck in a rut and i feel that there is a great chance i can. So i’m going to forge ahead this year one step at a time, one day at a time and make things work. That’s what i have always been good at is finding ways to just get through.


One response to “Sleep Schedules and Vacation 144.

  1. I don’t make resolution also in this new year but i think i must make one as this will give us more drive power to achieve what we want to, happy new year, cheers.

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