Which would be about 23 weeks to the day! I must definitely be the most impatient person on the planet. Srsly. There’s no denying this. I was not born a patient baby (or maybe…i was two weeks late) nor child nor tween, teen or adult. It’s my major sore spot. I work on this, occasionally. A lot of this impatience is fueled by food issues. Hunger and blow blood sugar make me terribly impatient.This time i am forced to be patient. So far it’s been paying off, 23 weeks out of 40. I’m still barely showing, it makes me wonder, i guess i have a large abdomen since he still seems to have a lot of space to grow. 17 weeks to go and reality will hit home. In the form of a cell turned fetus turned baybay.

I’m sure once baby bear is here it will be a completely different story and all those things i constantly hear from other people. I believe them all and am grateful for their opinions and how it helps me form my own.  THAT BEING SAID however.

I am really excited about cloth diapering. Really really. I know it may make me somewhat of a dork but i am slowly formulating a plan.

Obtain Washing machine and Dryer…No way am i going to go to a laundromat all the time, I’d practically live there! If and when (I am staying positive, because i know i will get this apartment and i am going to picture living there with everything working out away from where i am now in this negative environment and horrible location.

Cloth Diapers- I’ve been looking online as to how many diaps a baby goes through in a day. That number depends on how old they are. For the first couple days and in the hospital i will use disposables and then move to cloth.

For Newborns it’s about 10-12 diapers per 24 hours.And as they get older that number will obviously be less per 24 hours. It’s recommended I get 24-30 diapers to start with. I think that’s a fair number.

It’s something i will have to figure out as i go.

I took the washing directions right off the fuzzibunz website since it’s probably best to use their directions if i will be using their diapers.

First, run a cold rinse or soak cycle with no detergent. (Which i think i will presoak them so i can save money by avoiding this step.)

Second, run a hot cycle with detergent. Do not use bleach.

Third, if your hot wash is not automatically followed by a cold rinse, run a cold rinse cycle. This step only necessary with a particularly dirty load.

Tumble dry the diapers in dryer on low or hang to dry. Do not use fabric softener or pure soap*. Never dry on high heat.

Cloth Diapering


One response to “160.

  1. That sounds like a good number to start with. Just remember, at first as a new mom, you’re gonna be all anal retentive about changing it every time you think something is in there. Plus, newborns shit. A lot. Especially breast fed ones. Give yourself a little extra room 🙂

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