Isn’t the first step to fixing something is admitting you have a problem?

This is totally me. *

This is totally me. *

So in the beginning it was all flowers and candies and this awesome relationship with…you guessed it food. We now have an amicable open agreement going. It hates me and I worship it. It’s long been an uphill battle, in a snow storm, with no shoes on, in a flannel jacket with no buttons because this is Maine after all, only to get asked by a homeless guy for change, um hello I don’t have any i scrounged it all for an ice cream bar. Exercise and I have an even worse off relationship. There is little thing called CONSISTENCY, which is sorely lacking. It’s an inevitable catch 22. I think i’ll invest in one of those massively comical calendars to mark off each day i exercise. That way it’s glaring which days I don’t work out.  Where can i buy one of those anyways?

But more recently i’ve been terbbily busy with my thesis work and oh hey it’s winter and OH HEY i’m also having a baby. I still walk all over town, i’m on the quest for the perfect stroller to pair with my walking. No excuses.

Notice how it says UP TO, as in good luck fatty.

Notice how it says UP TO, as in good luck fatty.

I did however make it to Level 3 Shredding and have been biking 7+ miles, but the weather hasnt been acceptable and windy as fuck….which is annoying when biking. Also every other thought is…my ass must look huge how fast can i pedal home from here?

*. I forget where i found this photo but whoever did ROCKS. Just admiring your handi-werk.


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