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So today was nice to go running and not die. It was a light at the end of the tunnel. I also did the 30 day shred and that made me feel like a bad ass for running AND shredding. How awesome of me.
Since running was so successful i would like to keep it up and run in Portland. But it helps to be on a track so i think i might go to the field by deering oaks and jog around there. maybe bring my ipod next time for company.

It’s also funny how i noticed how my taste in music changes frequently. i actually like hip hop rap stuff? not sure what to classify it as but i feel like a bad ass driving around in my god awful beat up poor car whilst listening to rap. damn.

also, was thinking of juice fasting for a day.  to cleanse. seems like fun, probably won’t be.



So albeit i’ve only done the thirty day shred for four of the thirty days i am looking for something more to do at home. I am waiting till i get done with the semester to really take on running. I like the short amount of time that Jillians work out provides because i do have a short attention span, which seems to rule my life. If you can’t keep me entertained for atleast twenty minutes than you fail the work out dvd test. Duh.
I would like to work more on my legs and abs.
Any ideas would be appreciated.
It’s kind of a catch 22, i don’t want to be seen working out because i am fat and i can’t loose weight unless i work out. I really enjoy this 30 day shred, making a commitment. Five days tomorrow may not seem like much to the average joe but to me it’s longer than i stick to most things. If i can break my awful habit with this for 30 days than i am proving to myself that i can commit to anything. Voila! the vicious cycle is thus broken.

anyone have a roadbike they want to trade and or just give me? kthnxbai


Day four of Shredding complete!! It is going by a lot faster than i thought and has a good feeling of accomplishment. Its a good way to get my frustrations with humanity out. I still can’t take Jillian Michaels seriously but can’t bring myself to watch it on mute or i narrate it myself and thats just silly.

Also my Biffle is amazing.

Day one KICKED my ass.

Yep. And i look forward to tomorrow.

I could be extreme and do another 20 mins today. without the weights i have since they are six pounds and too heavy for the first couple days. I think i will invest in smaller weights.

I say why not?