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Dreams you don’t want to let go.

I was at my apartment but there was another leak in a pipe. I was running around trying to find my landlord and ended up in some basement. Where i ran into him the one, myyyy person. It felt like this incredible wave of happiness.  Roughly my height with a calm disposition and dark brown eyes. Sporting winter clothes and a neatly trimmed yet somewhat scruffy beard. I don’t remember how i did but we ended up spinning each other on the floor till we were dizzy for fun. Don’t ask me why. He was holding me in a hug when my landlord walked up to us having finally found me to say that there was indeed a leak and that they were fixing the pipe. In the mean time the boy and I decided to learn how to drive. I was the first one to go, the instructor a middle aged balding man did not believe me when i was saying that the car was broken. The automatic was rolling backwards down a hill while it was in drive. It just kept getting worse and the boy had disappeared from the back seat. I decided to bike to where we were going to meet in hopes that he would be there. But there was this really annoying girl harassing me and my bike seat was crooked so biking was also a battle. We ended up at this convenience store at the bottom of a hill.


In Limbo.

I had decided to move, back to my grandmas house. Although she no longer lived there. I moved into the room we usually stayed in but it was much different, had its own bathroom (a weird premonition about death and the water heater exploding) had an ominous feel to it. Other people were renting out other rooms and when someone rang the door bell the downstairs looked exactly the same. A kid i know but couldnt quite place who he was lived in the downstairs room which appeared quite larger. There was this stubborn lady that lived there who was the building manager type person and she kept barging into my room and i kept shoving her out. I would stand with my whole body weight on the door and my hand on the lock and still she would barge right in. eventually it got to the point where i would physically push her out the door and and in sheer frustration i picked her up like a sack of potatoes and threw her, she fell down the stairs. I could hear her cry and feel the pain and sadness radiating from her. After this she defeat put the very old skeleton keys she was using to open my door in an envelope and slid them under my door. Chris showed up at one point also, he knocked on the door and said “i know you hate me and i’m still mad at you but hi, i just wanted to let you know someones out for revenge” He visited for a little while sitting on my bed next to me watching tv eventually he got up kissed me on the cheek and left. Then my brother and Will came over to stay, both of them were much younger than they are now and were sleeping at the foot of the bed. Both of them said they were cold so when i got a blanket from the shelf i kept grabbing the wrong thing. Eventually i got the right blanket and thats about the time i woke up.


I was driving a bmw, but something about th car felt weird and i had to adjust the seat for way too long. Once i got it figured out i tried to go find a supermarket. I could only find a local market that had some extreme prejudice against outsiders. So they were not very nice to me. I even looked for a hannaford in the telephone book while waiting in line at the check out. I eventually gave up and walked out to my car. They had attached some weird speed trapping device but it looked more like a jumper cable. So i took it off my car and threw it.
All i could think about was that they better not have scratched my mother freaking car.

second dream i was at this weird place with small homes. For like little kids. Play homes. My mom, aunt and uncle were there. Saying that they were going to build one. I looked around at each home and eventually went to one that was already built. It was small but it was for grown ups. I said i would build a house like this and was asked why to which i replied “because i am concerned about my carbon foot print” which was an acceptable answer because i wasnt questioned any further.

another dream i was at this compound type place where a bunch of people from school were. One of them was reformatting his computer and i said i don’t think it will work but they said it would and etc
there was some weird hierarchy of people and the food served at dinner was on my plates from my apartment. I told one of the people at the table that their behavior was not acceptable because she was acting like a little snot. Apparently you were not allowed to do this and people gave me dirty looks.

I woke up after this
SO weird.

Insane in the membrane

I have been having really realistic dreams. To the point where i feel like they happened. I remember them vividly.
here is one of them.
it started off where i was at my apartment and dad was there giving me something and let the cats out, leo came back in but oliver didnt and i chased him but he ran across the street so i went to my car but a big part had been stolen out of the engine, and a few other things had been stolen from inside the car including my laptop, but dad gave me a part from his car to fit mine and i went to go find oliver. When i did find him he had a big branch stuck in his stomach and i rushed to get his crate and put him in and drive him to the vet. On the way i noticed some laptops sitting on a fence in a parking lot (which the building looked a lot like the jr high school we lived near in nashua) and i went to talk to the security guard to see if one was mine and it was and i warned them i’d call the real police.
THEN i went to a job interview at some high tech company to do geeky computer things. The interview process is kind of vague now but i remember being asked where i was from and i said oh portland maine, and that i took a train to get there etc.I was also in my pj’s and said it only mattered if i was smart not to worry about looks
They hired me and at one point a fire alarm went off because someone jammed a paper shredder but i didnt leave the room because i was still working. when they came back it was more of a hospital setting and i was checking on some kid.


So i had a dream i was driving this car (two door ford i think a realllll shit box) around look for a specific store, a 7-11 for one reason or another and i could only find one similar to it. So i finally gave up and ended up driving through a red light across this intersection into the parking lot getting out of the car and running into the convenience store. I dont remember what happened between going into the store and the guns coming out. But it wasnt your normal crowd of people. Mostly cowboys or gangsters.
Only to be stuck in a shoot out. But it was weird because it was like three groups of people shooting at a specific group and i eventually got caught in the cross fire because i had been the only one who hadnt been shot.
So they shot me in the leg twice but i remember part of my face bleeding. And yelling mother fucker. Somehow i still managed to walk out of the store and there was one cop standing outside by a car looking very confused

THEN moving on to part two.
I remember vaguely going to buy a horse with my mom and in this dream i usually have i avoid my old teacher but this time i confronted her and said hi and we ended up talking about which horse was best, I looked at a big draft horse, a small pain pony, one i looked at ended up being a weird dog, and we eventually settled on a nice tan horse who was fairly young but had some problems. Walking around the barn was really weird because you had to walk on these ledges to get from one side to the other behind the stages where they had the horses perform.
It kind of fades out from here.

also at another part i was walking around a city trying to find my way home with a dog.