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*-Update- Now that these photos have been up for a little while i start to feel the awkwardness sink in and i am not sure how i feel about it. I’ve always snubbed those bloggers who try to have some privacy on their blogs with fake names and no photos, especially of themselves in a jogging bra and work out shorts. You are on the internet for christ sake nothing is private, give it up.

Well i guess i am single again. Waiting patiently for him to get home and then kicked to the curb like i am rubbish. It sure is a great feeling. People are so selfish these days.
So in effort to forget about everything i am going to renew my efforts in getting back into shape.
Once a week on Saturday i am going to post the weekly work out photo, even if i don’t like it.

Week 1.

Week 1.





So albeit i’ve only done the thirty day shred for four of the thirty days i am looking for something more to do at home. I am waiting till i get done with the semester to really take on running. I like the short amount of time that Jillians work out provides because i do have a short attention span, which seems to rule my life. If you can’t keep me entertained for atleast twenty minutes than you fail the work out dvd test. Duh.
I would like to work more on my legs and abs.
Any ideas would be appreciated.
It’s kind of a catch 22, i don’t want to be seen working out because i am fat and i can’t loose weight unless i work out. I really enjoy this 30 day shred, making a commitment. Five days tomorrow may not seem like much to the average joe but to me it’s longer than i stick to most things. If i can break my awful habit with this for 30 days than i am proving to myself that i can commit to anything. Voila! the vicious cycle is thus broken.

anyone have a roadbike they want to trade and or just give me? kthnxbai


Day four of Shredding complete!! It is going by a lot faster than i thought and has a good feeling of accomplishment. Its a good way to get my frustrations with humanity out. I still can’t take Jillian Michaels seriously but can’t bring myself to watch it on mute or i narrate it myself and thats just silly.

Also my Biffle is amazing.