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Rainy Days.

uh yep so it’s still raining.
i hope i am going to the lake this weekend
that would be really exciting.
But i really won’t get my hopes up with this.
I really need a break from this place.
I, I, I, me, me, me.
i’m tired. i’m impatient, i am frustrated, i feel stuck and i hate it.

see post about flaky people.



Disclaimer!! I know i have been ranting a lot about flaky people. It’s just something thats been bothering me. It’s been seeping into my life for too long starting as a child and i’m trying to move past it. I really don’t have to explain myself other than writing helps get all the anger and hurt and resentment out. So too bad for you.

I have heard people often say that they are misunderstood. People don’t understand why they do certain things. Whatever it may be. But what i just realized is that people don’t look at themselves in return and evaluate themselves. Asking the question “what is it that makes me misunderstood?” or even after that it begs another question
What can i do to change this perception of me? What can i do in my life to be a better person?

So because of our inability to look inward, our ability to look out also suffers.

It’s a crutch people fall back on. One more lame excuse.