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Giving the gift anyone can use!

Give The Gift Anyone Can Use – Gift Cards From American Express

by Kristin Lesney on December 20, 2009


Giveaway Ends Dec. 24th

What’s the best last minute gift? What’s the one gift you know everyone is going to love? Gift cards! Thi is why I believe the American Express Gift Cards are the perfect last minute, and all around gift. American Express Gift Cards come in denominations of $25, $50, $100, and $200, and are available for purchase online at www.americanexpress.com/gift, and at over 70,000 retailers nationwide.

Since the American Express Gift Cards can be used anywhere at any time they make the ultimate last minute gift. Or the gift idea when you don’t know what else to buy. I also love the idea of making gift baskets and putting gift cards in them. It’s the one thing you know will be  hit, and make a great addition to any gift basket.

Check out www.americanexpress.com/gift to purchase or for more information. Gift cards make great last minute gifts



What dreams may come.

the 2010 UppaBaby Vista.If i was walking around Portland with this mean machine I know i would turn some heads. I’d be the best promoter for this company! YEP!

is probably just out of my grasp. I will keep on with my quest. With living feeling monumentally overwhelming and everything just has this swift swirling motion, a malstrom, an amalgamation of stress. Swirling down, if only it was as pretty as this sink. I could totally make one of these. Easily. Besides the faucet. Maybe i should just become rich selling awesome sinks?