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So i had a dream i was driving this car (two door ford i think a realllll shit box) around look for a specific store, a 7-11 for one reason or another and i could only find one similar to it. So i finally gave up and ended up driving through a red light across this intersection into the parking lot getting out of the car and running into the convenience store. I dont remember what happened between going into the store and the guns coming out. But it wasnt your normal crowd of people. Mostly cowboys or gangsters.
Only to be stuck in a shoot out. But it was weird because it was like three groups of people shooting at a specific group and i eventually got caught in the cross fire because i had been the only one who hadnt been shot.
So they shot me in the leg twice but i remember part of my face bleeding. And yelling mother fucker. Somehow i still managed to walk out of the store and there was one cop standing outside by a car looking very confused

THEN moving on to part two.
I remember vaguely going to buy a horse with my mom and in this dream i usually have i avoid my old teacher but this time i confronted her and said hi and we ended up talking about which horse was best, I looked at a big draft horse, a small pain pony, one i looked at ended up being a weird dog, and we eventually settled on a nice tan horse who was fairly young but had some problems. Walking around the barn was really weird because you had to walk on these ledges to get from one side to the other behind the stages where they had the horses perform.
It kind of fades out from here.

also at another part i was walking around a city trying to find my way home with a dog.