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Rainy Days.

uh yep so it’s still raining.
i hope i am going to the lake this weekend
that would be really exciting.
But i really won’t get my hopes up with this.
I really need a break from this place.
I, I, I, me, me, me.
i’m tired. i’m impatient, i am frustrated, i feel stuck and i hate it.

see post about flaky people.


Today I….

Itty Bitty hat

Itty Bitty hat

  • Started knitting a hat for Tony, Like the one above, same yarn but the colors look different.
  • Painted my strawberry bandsaw box.
  • Cut up one of the drawers upside down! and didnt notice, nothing has gone right this week.
  • Mixed up the paint for the peach box and proceeded to spill it all over my work bench
  • Cried over a cute birthday card Nickola had.
  • Painted many….many layers of milk paint.
  • Ate lunch.
  • Got spray adhesive on my hands and it wont come off!! UGH! atleast i know it works though
  • Almost got knocked over in the nasty wind on my way home

I am officially on break for thanksgiving! I am excited to cook

and my aunt totally left me a note on facebook which is really amusing.