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I usually have a word floating around my head through out the day and i some how aim to incorporate it into the daily conversation at any given time. Todays is diatribe. The word strikes me as weird…it’s meaning not fitting with the actual word it self.

Onwards and upwards.

ALSO i am reading a book…Th!nk, by Micahel LeGault it’s about critical thinking and how we haz none anymore. It’s a response to the book Blink, with compelling evidence that Americans take the easy way out for the same end result. Which i was recently reading about a woman with a piss poor GPA suing her college because they garunteed her a job once she graduated. Can i get a what what? This leads into my segue about another part of the book i found fascinating… He spoke about affirmative action and how it actually hinders african americans because for most they get a free ride to a harder school and do poorly because of it. Interesting. He goes on to say that they should go to lower echelon schools where they will still be challenged but able to succeed aswell. I could go on. I won’t. For now. Oh what am i saying? Theres more. He also speaks about poliitical correctness, which amazed me to see that Americans are all for this. Which can and does hamper free flowing ideas and discussion at the risk of offending anyone, leading back to where he discusses that humans are making decisions based on emotion not facts. Etc. Etc.

I havent drank in the past uh…four days and ITS KILLING ME!!!

I want to walk across the street and buy some PBR tall boys and a bag of chips and stuff my face. I would probably end up putting on Ratatouille while Leo lays on me and stares at my face like he is trying to practice some sort of mind control. It obviously failed.

Ugh, Seriously woman?

Ugh, Seriously woman?

Yeah, i did that. He took it like a man and let me put a stuffed mouse on his head, i have no internet now. and a lot of boredom i mean free time.

School starts soon. Thank Goodness.


Rainy Days.

uh yep so it’s still raining.
i hope i am going to the lake this weekend
that would be really exciting.
But i really won’t get my hopes up with this.
I really need a break from this place.
I, I, I, me, me, me.
i’m tired. i’m impatient, i am frustrated, i feel stuck and i hate it.

see post about flaky people.