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Things we say and do.

I haul my ass out of bed in the morning, i find clean clothes, i forage in the fridge for something more than just condiments and crackers because hey you know that’s all that’s in my fridge these days, Whatever. Then i hop on my hog and do the daily 11 to 13 miles and get bored after or tired of seeing the same people three times in a row that i would really liked to have avoided in the first place. or the cars that zoom by be as i laugh because hey you are are just going to have to brake at that stop light in about ten feet. HAH.

I made a decision that after i run out of any dairy or soy in my house i will no longer be buying anymore. Coconut milk or water. Which common people both are so easy to make…duh. Well seeing as waters already made…yeah.

I look forward to August 31, i will be back with my people of the woods, crammed into a small bench space with people on either side of me invading my territory. Which when they are not there i slowly and surely regain my space. Inconspicously.

Lately i want crab rangoon. i know that when i finally have said rangoonies they will be a complete and utter let down. It’s like not eatting fast food for a long time and then imagining this juicy awesome tasty amazing booger. The pictures on tv and in ads don’t do them justice. SRSLY. So you pull up to the fast food window in anticipation of this foodligious creation. Only to cry after. It will never be the same.

Did i mention i made a canoe? Like..uh.. shit…MANY years ago? And that i love Vermont.



So if thats not a jumble of thoughts than i dont know what is.


This ones called.

I’m leeaaaving on a jet plane! i don’t know when i’ll be back again,
Just kidding.

Back to the grindstone. Eatting whoopie pies, it’s a hard life ya know?


I have to make some decisions about school. I am meeting with the financial aid people about trying to get more aid since it seems like they are being pretty stingy with their money or are upping tuition costs because of all the renovations they are doing and not notifying us. Also most of the people don’t know what they are doing because they are all graduates from this school and are afraid of change so they take jobs in which they don’t know anything about and keep screwing with peoples money and lives. I find this to be unfortunate. SO i will have to do what i can to make sure that i can manage to finish school and not be 80,000 in debt over it.

The bitch.

There is this one person in my shop who thinks she is the queen bee. That “thinks” she can say anything she wants because she knows everything. One of those really annoying know it alls who has an opinion about everything. You just want to tell this person to go to hell and mind their own business. But of course this never works with a know it all and you would have to deal with the consequences. So it’s best to just suck it up and yell at them in your head. or on your blog.


Things unsaid.

Today was really really cold. I wore leggings under my jeans and three and a half layers under my jacket! but once i get to school and start working it’s impossible. I need to become a layering professional.

I got “alot” done today, i shaped the strawberry band saw box and started sanding the peach box, tomorrow i will be going to get more no pigment milkpaint. that way i can start finishing the projects for surfaces.

as far as my studio class i still need to turn the legs for the second stool. I started to i just wasnt feeling it that much and decided to stop and work tomorrow. And i have been putting it off but i am going to target tomorrow as well. I just don’t want to be disappointed. 5 more days before i get a reliable reading but I am going to test Monday to ease my stress levels.

6 days

and every day i am more sure and every day i am more unsure

gonna work for a bit and then maybe head home and watch CSI

Sunday i am gonna go to artist and craftsman and then target

and test on monday

which i think is safe to do.