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Moving on.

It really is stressful when your life is at a crossroads and you are standing in this big intersection, preferably out west where on all four corners fields stretch as far as the eye can see with green fields corralled in by white fences. Each corner has a stop sign, each road brings new meaning. One road, the one i am standing on right now is my life here in Portland. I can go straight and continue on this path because it is the easy thing to do. I could go right and take a year off to work and take classes…but where? Or i could go left and move to just work for a year and be done with school for a while.

How do i know what the right answer is? Who can actually offer guidance.

I have been dealing with this all by avoiding it. Tomorrow i am going to go draft an appeal letter so if i decided i can hopefully get back into MECA.

Move up or Move on. I was thinking North Carolina…anyone want to come?

In other news. I was out last night and threw my phone because i was upset and for no good reason just hucked it at the ground. Brick sidewalk-1 Poor abused phone-0. If Apple wants to give ma new iphone to review i would not object, i would rate it fairly and properly since i am in love with all things apple.  I hung out at the beach tonight with my aggressive pedestrian. The sky was really quite amazing and the ocean bearably cold for once. We sat on a bench and watched the boats go by as the light receded from the day. It was a lot of fun and nice to see him again. He’s kind of awesome (GOAT) hehe.

p.s.- what does it mean if my veins are super bright blue? especially my hands, and chest (shoulder area, across chest etc) I would really like to quench my curiosity with this one.


Things unsaid.

Today was really really cold. I wore leggings under my jeans and three and a half layers under my jacket! but once i get to school and start working it’s impossible. I need to become a layering professional.

I got “alot” done today, i shaped the strawberry band saw box and started sanding the peach box, tomorrow i will be going to get more no pigment milkpaint. that way i can start finishing the projects for surfaces.

as far as my studio class i still need to turn the legs for the second stool. I started to i just wasnt feeling it that much and decided to stop and work tomorrow. And i have been putting it off but i am going to target tomorrow as well. I just don’t want to be disappointed. 5 more days before i get a reliable reading but I am going to test Monday to ease my stress levels.