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To many things said.

wellll it’s vacation time and i have been doing nothing but sit around and be lazy, i have been working out a little bit here and there but thats just so boring! Besides it snowed out today, a good excuse not to do anything?
Season Three of the Sopranos came in the mail today!
Talked to my mother about a few things and it was not a pleasant conversation at all. I don’t know if i want to go home for the holidays anymore.

I am coming up with like a monthly meal menu and was wondering if i could find a place online to organize it all.
it’s one thing to organize and another to write down everything you need, see if you have it, go shopping spend a lot of money and knowing myself don’t cook anything on the list. Wonderful.



It’s going to be a long road that we are going to travel. Especially with this effing cold winter already. For some reason i keep thinking it’s colder than the rest when i know for a fact that this is a lie. There have been much colder winters. It snowed yesterday and i didn’t do anything important. I cooked a turkey (big bird), made some stuffing and there was one other thing…oh yeah gravy. Right now all i want to do is sleep and thinking about what i have to do when i get home is not looking fun.


Layers but not the tasty ones in cake.

Since it’s been oh about 25-30 degrees out lately it’s not how cool i look anymore it’s hmmm i think that shirt and this shirt and oh and this shirt will all work well together and i wont look to to bad or sweat profusely and once i get to school i can take a couple layers off and not look stupid there either.

so right now i have my uggs, two pairs of pants, two shirts, a vest, a jacket and my hat on…

warm enough? i think yes till i start my car and wait to many @#$@% minutes for it to warm up.