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Searching for Apartments

So I have been searching for an apartment for the past oh two weeks now. It’s not the first time i have ever searched for an apartment and it definitely will not be the last. That being said my eyes are burning from all the reading I’ve done about the information that people don’t include in their ads. Yes it’s nice your apartment for rent is sunny and “spacious” But that doesn’t tell me jack shit about how many rooms there are, a real kitchen or a tiny ass stove with an even smaller area of counter space. So if anyone has an apartment for rent under 800$ in the west end of Portland, Maine please tell me ASAP

Rule of thumb for people writing the ads:

-Tell me where the apartment is, Especially what part of town, and KNOW what part of town it is in, Don’t lie i’ll look it up on google maps.

-Tell me whats included in the rent, heat? hot water? anything you cheap bastards?

-Pets? Allowed or not? BE SPECIFIC, Don’t have exorbinate pet deposits either, i saw one for 300$, for a 9 month lease. Now unless i am training my cats to be ninjas or chefs there is no need whatsoever for that big of a deposit. Ridiculous.

-Don’t list a studio as a one bedroom, if the rooms are not seperate than it’s a studio. and DONT charge nearly 700$ for it either. If i am going to live in a postage stamp sized hell hole i refuse to pay that much.



May 17 2010

i’m really excited to be starting my raw diet, packed with energy and nutrients and all these healthy things. hah NOT but i guess thats not really the best idea to go in with a negative opinion of the diet. but i will feel better i will be eatting better and i will hopefully cure my “digestive” issues.

Starting Monday, it seems like a good day to start. Sunday i am going to start preparing all the food and use the dehydrator and juicer. It seems like an exciting journey to start and i have been reading books and all these other articles that have nothing but good things to say about eatting raw or “living” i will not exclude occasional sushi from this. I hope to impart this knowledge of healthy nutrient packed eatting to myself and my children and family.  i am by no means a huge hippie, i’m not doing this for the earth (sorry earth i love you but this is for me yo)

So thats all i have to say tomorrow i am binging on juuunk food and then detoxing and slowly introducing myself into a healthy diet because i do not get along with exercise.

I will be selling my canoe on ebay, you should go look at it and tell people to buy it. made with these two paws here. So i can buy stuff. you know important stuff.